Books by our contributors

If you like what our contributors can do with 1,000 words, you’ll love their longer works!

cover-camelot Camelot & Vine by Petrea Burchard
On the eve of her 40th birthday, a failing Hollywood actress loses everything she never cared about, falls through a gap in time, and accidentally saves King Arthur’s life.

What Happens to Us by David Groves
An NSA employee with access to warrantless surveillance has an obsession with a young San Francisco woman. As the novel opens, he attempts to kill her and she gets away. The police don’t believe her, since she is a recovering alcoholic who has given them trouble in the past. Thus begins a breathless chase across the country and off the grid. Read an excerpt. 

Ice Pick by Donnie Dale
A Los Angeles noir love story, circa 1938.

Beauty Has Her Way  by Ann Wilkes
Heroines doing bad things…in the name of good.

The Goddess Lounge by Margaret Finnegan
Love, motherhood, a lot of dogs, an ocean of traffic, and just a little divine intervention.

Human Cargo by Désiree Zamorano
Inez Leon is a skilled private investigator with a tortilla chip on her shoulder.

The Redheaded Stepchild by Kelly I. Hitchcock
An archetype of life in small-town America and a testament that the broken family is the new whole family, these short stories show how the unwanted stepchild can be a everyday hero.

Torn: True Stories of Modern Motherhood edited by Samantha Parent Walravens
Torn captures the voices of a generation of women caught in the crossfire of kids, career and family life. In a series of heartfelt and often laugh-out-loud essays, the book exposes the dirty truths of motherhood and the inevitable crises that life brings: battles with cancer, lost jobs and broken marriages, unplanned pregnancies and the heartbreak of infertility, and lots of “bad mommy” moments. Contributor Windi Padia contributed her essay “When I Sneeze I Pee a Little: Notes on Momhood.”