Submit your story for Micro March



Life is short and so is micro fiction.  In 2016, The Rose City Sisters posted a new 100-word story every day in March.  It was fun! We didn’t do it in 2017. Why? Dunno. Maybe Micro March is one of those even-year things.

Want to be part of Micro March 2018? Here are the rules:

• Write a great story in 100 words. Keep it clean. The mothers of other contributors read this blog.
• Give it a snappy title. Three or four words should do it. The words in the title don’t count against the 100-word maximum, but don’t get cute and send in a 300-word title.
• Include your name. (And a tiny bio, if you’d like.)
• Provide a link to your blog or website or social media profile and we’ll publish that, too. Maybe send a few readers your way.
• Submit all of the above in an email to right now. Or, at the latest, by Wednesday, February 28, 2018.  Use the subject line Micro March.  You retain the rights to your work.

Go write something. We’re waiting.

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