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Micro fiction (100 words)

The Rose City Sisters welcomes your micro fiction. Keep your story to 100 words or less (not including the title). No photo is needed, but do include a short bio and a link to your website or social media profile. Please submit your micro and bio in the body of your email.

Flash fiction (1,000 words)

Here’s what we require from our flash fiction contributors:

1. An engaging story of up to 1,000 words that includes all the elements of good fiction: setting, characters—and a plot. (And don’t forget a title!)

You retain all rights to your story, and we’ll remove it from our blog at any point in the future upon your request. While our goal is to present a wide variety of genres and writing styles, we reserve the right to turn down any story that we don’t feel comfortable publishing.

2. A photo, a bio and your link.

At the end of each story, we’ll feature the author’s name, a small photo, and a bio of up to 75 words. We will link your name to your own website, blog, or other URL. Also, we’ll add you to our authors list on the blog’s sidebar.

3. A thick skin

Our anthology blog allows comments. Some readers will like your story, some readers won’t. Our policy is let comments stand unless they contain gratuitous profanity or personal attacks.

If you meet our submission requirements, your story will be considered for publication. We will do our best to promote the blog and all of our contributing authors. (One of us has a day job in marketing, after all.)


We don’t pay. And unless a certain someone wins the lottery, we’ll never pay.

Ready to submit?

Please email a single Word, Pages, or plain text document containing:

• Your story’s title
• Your story (1,000 words or less)
• Your author’s bio (75 words or less, in third person).

Email your photo as a JPG, TIFF or Photoshop file. (Please do not embed the photo in your text file.) Keep the image to 300K or less. We can crop and resize your photo as needed.

Please submit just one story to start. Once you hear from us, you are welcome to submit again. Questions? Email The Rose City Sisters.