Quicky by Désirée Zamorano

Inez Leon waited in the foyer of the Athenaeum. She resented the fact that she had had to cut short her krav maga workout, to shower, dress up, and then struggle for parking around the Caltech campus only to find Wallace was not ready. But what was the time of a full professor worth, contrasted to the lowly wages of a brown female PI? What really irritated her is she couldn’t order a damn drink while she waited because only Wallace could sign his chit…

EDITOR’S NOTE: Since submitting this story, the author has had a novel published and is pursuing  publication for her shorter works. Please visit her website for details on where to read the rest of “Quicky.” 

6 thoughts on “Quicky by Désirée Zamorano”

  1. I’m having so much fun reading these brilliant flashes of fiction.

    I’d love to read lots more about all three of these eccentric characters.

  2. I loved the pacing of this story and the artful responses of Inez. Glad to find this blog, too! Hopped over from the Pasadena Daily Photo, another cool blog. Will be back to read more, via my link to you.

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