First Love by Ross Baxter

Jon sat on the couch and waited in the silent apartment. He expected it to be quiet; the Pasadena City College semester had finished the previous week and everyone was away on holiday, but not this quiet. He had only returned for a night to attend a one-off lecture on psychic potential, and it was there that he met her.

For the first time in his life he fell hopelessly and completely in love.

She was utterly perfect, the type of woman he had been waiting for throughout the whole of his adolescence. The type of woman he used to dream about; intelligent, cultured, bohemian, and so very, very beautiful. She had enthralled him, both during her lecture and afterwards at Lucky Baldwins Pub. His tutors had dismissed her lecture and her claims as wild and unfounded, but Jon thought her research into the ability of the human mind to communicate telepathically truly exceptional.

In fact, he found everything about her exceptional. He was well and truly hooked.

After the lecture he managed to talk to her in the bar, and instantly felt a real connection between them. Their short time together had flown by, with Jon hanging onto her every word like a lovesick puppy. At the end of the evening her taxi arrived and she smiled her goodbyes. Refusing to swap contact details, she insisted that she would contact him without the need of telephones, emails or tweets. Telepathy transcended everything she repeated, telling him she could see into his consciousness and that was all she needed to stay in touch. He just had to open his mind and wait.

A week later, in the lonely silence of his empty apartment, the only noise in his head was the sound of his breaking heart.

© Copyright 2012 Ross Baxter. All rights reserved.

After thirty years at sea, Ross Baxter now concentrates on writing fiction. His varied work has been published in print and Kindle by a number of publishing houses in the United States and the UK, and other work can be found on numerous websites. Born in San Luis Obispo, California, he now lives in Derby, England.

8 thoughts on “First Love by Ross Baxter”

  1. I like the way the story mimics the telepathy and lead-on of the woman by leading the reader on to be excited about the start of a long and lovely story — that goes on to end so abruptly!

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