Empty Alley by Kim Dixon Perez

From her second-floor window she watched as two cops moved the bearded man’s belongings from the shed-sized cardboard box that had been his home in the alley for weeks.

Pillow, water, flashlight, welcome mat, books. He’d come prepared. Set up house. Her quietest neighbor.

She always meant to say hi, but that’s not her way. Still, she worked into the wee hours every night with her window open. Separated by only 15 feet. She could hear him shuffle in his sleeping bag. She knew when he fell asleep.

The cops folded the box. Sigh. The nights would be lonely again.

© Copyright 2016 Kim Dixon Perez. All rights reserved.
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Kim Dixon Perez is a ghostwriter for experts who want to share their ideas and vision. Her specialty is making the complex simple. For fun, she’s turning Pasadena’s Municipal Code into haiku. Stay tuned … it will take her a while (it’s a long friggin’ code). She blogs at OCD Travel.

15 thoughts on “Empty Alley by Kim Dixon Perez”

  1. So much said in so few words. She captured those moments that touch us, stay with us, and sometimes change us.

  2. A most thought provoking statement about our world. I have been one of those cops picking up the discards of society. It is an endless disturbance within me.

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