Help select finalists for “Story of the Year”

Thanks to the hundreds of people who stopped by to read stories and help determine the Rose City Sisters “Story of the Year” finalists.

The most popular seven stories (as determined by a Goggle Analytics tally of “unique pageviews”) will be placed on a ballot and voted on by the 2009 contributors. The list of finalists will be posted later this afternoon.

The winning writer will receive a lovely pearl and rose quartz necklace (and earrings) from Wasabi by Jill Pearson, a contemporary jewelry company based in (naturally) Pasadena. If a man wins, let’s hope he has a style-conscious wife, mom or sister.

If you’re a writer, I invite you to review our submission guidelines and send in a story for 2010.

Finally, a big thanks and happy new year to the 2009 writers.

5 thoughts on “Help select finalists for “Story of the Year””

  1. Hi Paula,
    Great idea to have a contest! WHEN do you start the count? I posted on my blog after your email and if you started when this went up, I probably wasted quite a few hits.
    Laura Hoopes

  2. And, to continue on this serious topic I wood say, ahem, will click for pay, this is a very prestigious group of writing sisters. Let the race begin, and may the best man, uh, woman left standing win.

  3. Laura, the “unique page views” will be tallied from 5/1 through 12/31/09. Thanks for asking. Other contributors were likely wondering as well.

    Margaret, Because I rock at marketing, that’s why! Hee!

  4. Thanks to the efforts of the contributors, the blog had its highest one-day visitor tally on Tuesday, December 8.

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