Life is one big mathematical puzzle! by Justin Ballard

Born memorizing the bible, (((overwhelmed))) turns runaway teenager, wandering and confused for years, stumbles upon old books, finds out entire life was not what he was taught, now using the training of numerology since birth to decode everything. Realization of being under the direction of a secret society, nothing he can do or say will convince anyone for he is just one man…. Formed a nonprofit, developed technology patents and a solid year career in statistics, he now starts to form a SUPER team. This team is called the “Thirty-Three” dedicated to solving puzzles of past to save our future!

© Copyright 2016 Justin Ballard. All rights reserved.
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Justin Ballard is a Renaissance man. This is his first micro fiction story. Or is it micro autobiography?

5 thoughts on “Life is one big mathematical puzzle! by Justin Ballard”

  1. This one I don’t understand. More of a condensed resume than a story. Can’t latch onto the underlying bigger picture.

  2. To Matthew Kosak, it appears that you ve forgotten the Sun. No laws are broken and there s no intractable problem as you suggest. Isn t a mirror a simple way of diffusing energy into a surrounding bath? By mirror of course I mean any highly reflective surface. If Professor England s theory is right, shouldn t we be seeing vast numbers of pieces of reflective surfaces all around us?

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