Détente by Miko Johnston

We cling together while the earth shakes, trees topple, our hearts pound.

We’re unhurt, but forward path’s obliterated, return trail’s impassable, and we’ve no supplies.

Bushes rustle; a young backpacking couple emerge, sharing a canteen.

“Got any extra?” I ask.

The couple exchange glances. Guy shakes his head. “Shouldn’t be out here without water, grandpa,” then asks lady, “Where to now?”

Lady taps her cellphone. “No signal. Try GPS.”

Guy switches it on. “Nothing.”

“Damn. What’r we gonna do?”

Chuckling, I hold up a trail map. Guy slumps. Lady reaches into his pack and tosses me a bottle of water.

© Copyright 2016 Miko Johnston. All rights reserved.
• • • • •
Miko Johnston is the author of the A Petal In The Wind series of historical novels. She’s a founding member of Writers in Residence. A former Glendale resident, she now lives in Washington (the big one).

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    1. We’ve lost a step since technology has replaced natural competency, but be careful what you with for….

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