Horace Parker’s Mind by Petrea Burchard

Horace Parker had known he would lose his mind one day, he just hadn’t thought he would lose it in the back yard.

“I had it only a moment ago,” he thought. “It must have bounced.” Then he forgot what “it” was.

He was on his knees, weeding among the tomatoes, when he felt it fall, like so many feathers brushing past his ears. His reaction time was quick; he reached out his garden-gloved fingers to catch it in mid-air. But when he opened his palm he found not one, single feather. Only tomato leaves, shriveled and brown.

© Copyright 2016 Petrea Burchard. All rights reserved.
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Petrea Burchard enjoyed a 30-year acting career before morphing into a writer. She is the author of the novel, Camelot & Vine, as well as Act As If: Stumbling Through Hollywood With Headshot in Hand, essays about the life of a journeyman actor in Hollywood. She gained a following in the anime world as the original English voice of Ryoko, the sexy space pirate in the cult classic, Tenchi Muyo!, and continues to work in the voice-over field.

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