The Virus by Jim Milne

The phone call brought Ella confusing news.

“This is Microsoft and our analysis confirms that your computer has a virus.

“Is it Ebola?”

“No, nothing like that. It’s a computer virus.”

“Well I’m glad it isn’t Ebola. You’re sure now?”

“Yes Ma’am, absolutely positive.”

“Thank goodness, because I don’t know what I’d do. I couldn’t stay here and my sister Edna, you know how she is.”

“Yes Ma’am, now about your computer…”

“Do you know Edna?”

“No. Regarding your computer, for $39.99 we…”

“What computer? I don’t have a computer.”

“Praise be, another miracle. You have a nice day. Goodbye.”

© Copyright 2016 Jim Milne. All rights reserved.
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Jim Milne  is a first-time contributor to the Rose City Sisters.

Mailer Daemon by Stephen R. Wolcott

You recently tried to email an anonymous address. After repeated attempts, the message failed. Please check the…

Webster scowled at his MacBook screen and the message from “anonymous” at “mailer daemon.” The fury in him rising to a level not felt since his mother mistakenly threw away his mint condition Yugioh trading cards ten years ago.

Now 20 and holed up in a cheap, grungy studio apartment behind the 99¢ Only Store, Webster’s obsessions often ostracized him from any potential social activity. His hobbies ranged from bottle caps to Happy Meal collectibles to hand-painted Warhammer figurines. He spent hours at Comic Odyssey flicking through racks of comic books and vinyl (soundtracks only).

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