Life From Life by Jim Martyka

I finally fell.

It was time. I was patient, waiting, observing, wishing. Then, it happened…thrilling!

I emerged and fell. One of billions, yet unique, especially in my path. Only I would fall here. No other. Just—

It was over too soon. I hit ground and that was it. It went fast, I couldn’t appreciate it. I experienced as much as I could, but then it was done.

Still, my journey had purpose. I was soaked up and through me came growth, joy, love. My experience was short and full and from me came something bigger.

Life from life.

© Copyright 2016 Jim Martyka. All rights reserved.
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Jim Martyka is a multi-published author and editor in both fiction and non-fiction and an award-winning freelance journalist and teacher. He is also an accomplished actor and the co-founder of the Los Angeles based theatre company Theatre Unleashed. He is also a proud former Guinness Book of World Records holder of watching the most consecutive hours of movies without sleeping (53 and a half hours).