The Shaggy-Haired People of Norman Wells by William Wren

It was so unlike the indifference he’d known in the city. People were outside in the hundreds, scruffy and eager.

This was the top of the world, between Tulita and Fort Good Hope, a place the Dene called Le Gohlini, and he was wanted. Needed!

He stepped outside. A cheer went up. Face flushed, he called, “Appointments! Mornings for haircuts; styling, colour, mani-pedis…afternoons. Who’s first?”

Pen in hand, he took the booking. After waiting three years, the shaggy northern town of Norman Wells finally had its hairstylist and he was finally where he belonged; a place where he had purpose.

© Copyright 2016 William Wren. All rights reserved.
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William Wren is a writer in New Brunswick, Canada. He has had two stories published previously by the Rose City Sisters: I’ve Never Been to Pasadena and Healing. He has one ebook collection of stories on Amazon, Disrupted Lives and Other Commotions. He has just completed another and hopes to make it available (as an ebook) very soon.