Touched by a Tulip by Susan Carrier

Tonya was impatient. She muttered while waiting in lines, slammed the phone during music on hold and honked a split-second after a light turned green. She wanted everything now.

She couldn’t even wait for the tulip bulbs she planted to pop through the earth.  After work, she would grab her spade and begin to dig underground, searching for signs of life.

One day, she caught a flash of red – a tulip that had somehow missed her probing spade. She gasped at the miracle. And then she sat quietly and watched the fading sunlight illuminate the crimson petals.

© Copyright 2016 Susan Carrier. All rights reserved.
• • • • •
Susan Carrier lived in the Pasadena area for more than three decades, and now lives and writes in Scottsdale, Arizona. She’s adapted to desert living, but she still misses Euro Pane and is in an endless search for a decent bowl of ramen.