BFF by Miko Johnston

“C’mon Tansy, we’re gonna be late!”

Tansy springs atop a parked station wagon, skitters across its hood, then jumps off so cat-like I half expect her to lick her paw…hand.

She grins, Cheshire-like. “Let’s throw rocks at stores on Colorado.”

“That’s crazy.”

“I’m crazy. Don’t you know that?”

“You’re not crazy, you’re just part cat.”

She begins to purr and rubs her shoulder against mine. “What do you want to do?”

“Go to school.”

“You always say that.”

“I’m leaving now. You coming?”

Tansy dances around, leaping in her feline way before picking up her backpack. “Meow, let’s go.”

© Copyright 2016 Miko Johnston. All rights reserved.
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Miko Johnston is the author of the A Petal In The Wind series of historical novels. She’s a founding member of Writers in Residence. A former Glendale resident, she now lives in Washington (the big one).

6 thoughts on “BFF by Miko Johnston”

  1. I wonder how many readers will see themselves in one of the characters, and how many will find they’re a little of both.

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