Man of My Dreams by Bonnie Schroeder

Who says online dating doesn’t work? I’ve met the man of my dreams.

Just now the florist brought me a huge bouquet of red roses. The card reads, “Happy Anniversary. All my love, Jeff.”

The sentimental sweetheart—it’s been one month exactly since our first date.

Then the doorbell rings—the florist again, really flustered.

“I’m sorry. My idiot helper mixed up the delivery slips.”

He hands me six yellow roses.

The card: “Happy Birthday. XXOO Jeff.”

Another mix-up!

Wait: I use a fake birthday online—for security.

Hah! I’m not the only liar in town.

© Copyright 2016 Bonnie Schroeder. All rights reserved.
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Bonnie Schroeder is the author of the novel Mending Dreams.

16 thoughts on “Man of My Dreams by Bonnie Schroeder”

  1. I don’t get this one. Is Jeff 2 timing you? If so, were you expecting something else when it comes to on line dating?

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