Striking a Chord by Lynn Nicholas

Her gaze met mine. I prayed for a flicker of remembrance. Her lips worked. She patted my hand, but her eyes reflected only shifting images from the big TV screen.

“Look what I brought you.”

I slipped the costume duplicate of Lady Di’s ring onto her finger. She stroked the large faux sapphire.

Stirring music announced the royal wedding re-run. The camera zoomed to the veiled bride’s face.

Mum’s expression transformed. From the front-row vantage point of her wheelchair, she raised her hand in a palm-inward royal wave and, ring displayed, regally fanned the air.

© Copyright 2016 Lynn Nicholas. All rights reserved.
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Lynn Nicholas writes out of Arizona, supervised by two dog friends, a supportive husband, and a black cat who keeps everyone in line. Flash fiction publications include:  Every Day Fiction, A Long Story Short, Wow! (Women on Writing), Gay Fiction, and The Rose City Sisters. Lynn is a member of the Society of Southwestern Authors.

7 thoughts on “Striking a Chord by Lynn Nicholas”

  1. Thank you so much, everyone, for reading and commenting. First attempt at micro (thanks Paula for pushing us). Inspired by an afternoon with my mother (I actually have pictures of her with the Lady Di look-alike ring.). The events, though, are a product of my mind’s wanderings.

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