Hail Green Tara (Or, In Stillness, She Sat) by Malaika Butoyi

In stillness, she sat. Swirling energies engulfed her meditation seat. Colors of the rainbow steadily coursed along her spine. Turmoil and lack lurked behind her. The sun shone on her green skin. When wisdom whispered, her heart listened. A chance to help discerned, her third eye opened. When the time came, she sprang to life. Gracefully, she rose to her fullest height. Swiftly, she leapt to a waterfall in the sky. Her cupped hands caught the silvery shower to redirect its flow. Then, drought ceased. Crops flourished. People and animals rejoiced. All because she sat, in stillness. Hail Green Tara.

© Copyright 2016 Malaika Butoyi. All rights reserved.
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Malaika Butoyi is a storyteller and yoga teacher in Arcadia, California

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