Loss by Barb Bland

“How was your golf game?” he asked.

For the fourth time I replied, “I didn’t play golf.”

“But you went to the country club, didn’t you?”

“Yes, dear, but it was to a luncheon. I was asked to photograph the fashion models.”


Painfully, he turned his pale eyes and unshaved face towards me.

“Did you hit ‘em good?”

© Copyright 2016 Barb Bland. All rights reserved.
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Barb Bland retired to Whidbey Island, Washington from Alaska and is a member of Whidbey Writers Group. Running Free is her memoir recounting adventures transforming a feral dog into a trusted family pet.

7 thoughts on “Loss by Barb Bland”

  1. I don’t know I wish I could figure out what’s going on in this one. Sounds like another story of dementia.

  2. Okay…I apologize to Lynn for being personal, that’s not like me. But the woman (character) did show sensitivity by being patient and calling him dear meaning he is just not somebody. It hit me too close to home.

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