Orders by Mike McNeff

Dusk creeps in as I set up the .50 caliber Barrett rifle, trying to catch my breath after the climb to the sniper hide.

“You’re getting out of shape,” my spotter Dave chides.

I don’t reply. My thoughts focus on the mission—a mission I don’t like.

Dave sighs. “You sure pissed off the ol’ man.”

“I don’t care. Ordering us to kill a guy without explaining why doesn’t set well with me.”

“Orders are orders. You going to pull the trigger?”

“I don’t know yet.”

I feel cold steel against my temple.

“Orders are orders.”

© Copyright 2016 Mike McNeff. All rights reserved.
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Mike McNeff is a retired cop and lawyer who has had two action novels published by Amazon Encore and a western published bv Booktrope. He is a member of Whidbey Writers Group on Whidbey Island.

5 thoughts on “Orders by Mike McNeff”

  1. Orders are given to be followed not for a sniper to question. You sign up for the job you do the job or it’s hot lead time.

  2. Wow. Good one. Had a gut reaction to this one. I immediately began to wonder how many atrocities that are committed by good men, because ‘orders are orders’. If it’s wrong in your gut, it’s wrong. There is so much depth to this short piece.

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