My Heart—Your Soul by Pat Kelley Brunjes

I watch a raindrop slide slowly down the pane. On one side a rainbow arcs over the mountains. On the other side I see your reflection like a mirror into my soul and know you will always grace the pages of my life. A tear beads down my cheek keeping pace with the droplet.

I know it’s time because your father finally lifts himself from the car. When we talk to you, I hold your flag to my breast. Our love affair with you will never end.

© Copyright 2016 Pat Kelley Brunjes. All rights reserved.
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Pat Kelley Brunjes is a member of the Whidbey Writers Group.

6 thoughts on “My Heart—Your Soul by Pat Kelley Brunjes”

  1. Lovely phrasing, “…know you will always grace the pages of my life”. Just beautifully written. Full of emotion but not maudlin.

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