Twilight by Miko Johnston

We’re strolling down Green Street, arms linked, as we have for 39 years, when I sense twilight approaching.

“We should head back,” I advise.

He turns a blank face to me; no wrinkles, unlike mine.

“That Lake Avenue ahead?”

I nod.

“Let’s stop in Bullock’s Tea Room for a drink first.”

The sky darkens.

“Honey, they’re closed.” I try to guide him back.

He doesn’t budge. “We were there last week.”

“No, dear. I was in Philadelphia with my brother last week.”

“What for?”

“I needed to grieve.”

He finally turns toward home.

“Who died?”

“No one yet.”

© Copyright 2016 Miko Johnston. All rights reserved.
• • • • •
Miko Johnston is the author of the A Petal In The Wind series of historical novels. She’s a founding member of Writers in Residence. A former Glendale resident, she now lives in Washington (the big one).