Twilight by Miko Johnston

We’re strolling down Green Street, arms linked, as we have for 39 years, when I sense twilight approaching.

“We should head back,” I advise.

He turns a blank face to me; no wrinkles, unlike mine.

“That Lake Avenue ahead?”

I nod.

“Let’s stop in Bullock’s Tea Room for a drink first.”

The sky darkens.

“Honey, they’re closed.” I try to guide him back.

He doesn’t budge. “We were there last week.”

“No, dear. I was in Philadelphia with my brother last week.”

“What for?”

“I needed to grieve.”

He finally turns toward home.

“Who died?”

“No one yet.”

© Copyright 2016 Miko Johnston. All rights reserved.
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Miko Johnston is the author of the A Petal In The Wind series of historical novels. She’s a founding member of Writers in Residence. A former Glendale resident, she now lives in Washington (the big one).

19 thoughts on “Twilight by Miko Johnston”

  1. Thank you all (I’m traveling in another time zone, so forgive the delay in responding). Yes, it’s meant to show how dementia affects a couple.

  2. Cool story. I confess, I thought it was going to be about Vampires, but… wait, they don’t have to go home in the dark, but in the sunlight.
    I did get the truth at then end though, as my Mom is going through the same thing.

  3. I really liked this story. It’s very clear you craft good yarns with precision and economy of language. My only suggestion: could she have ‘thought’ the last night and not necessarily have said it out loud?

    1. If you meant the last line, then yes, it could have been thought, but she needed to respond to him and my word limit was up.

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