Announcing the 2009 Story of the Year finalists

When I announced the competition in early December, Rose City Sisters contributors leaped into action and started sending readers to their their stories. Nearly 700 new visitors stopped by for a flash fiction fix in the last 30 days. Wow.

Today I used Goggle Analytics to determine the most popular seven stories of 2009. In the next few weeks, all 2009 contributors will have the chance to vote for the story of the year.

This combination of marketing and merit reflects a real-world scenario facing writers today. Writing isn’t enough—you need to promote your work as well.

The winner will receive a hand-knotted pearl and rose quartz necklace (with matching earrings) from Wasabi by Jill Pearson, a fine jewelry company based in Pasadena. The donation from Wasabi is much appreciated and far prettier than the certificate I had planned!

In alphabetical order, the finalists are:

Belinda’s Birthday by Petrea Burchard

Downsized by Janet Aird

Get Gone by Cindie Geddes

Glorietta and Red Bob Come to Terms by Laura L Mays Hoopes

A Losing Game by Bonnie Schroeder

Quicky by Desireé Zamorano

Sweet Revenge by Margaret Finnegan

The first story of 2010 will be posted on Friday, January 8. Please subscribe to the blog or become a follower to make sure you don’t miss any of the stories.