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April Fool’s Day by Steven Craig

The sun was peering into the windows of the trailer at 161 Springer Lane.  The smell of bacon on the stove was becoming more pronounced. Earl reached over and turned on the television set.

“Lurleen, you ready yet?,” Earl shouted. Lurleen had been outside “getting some sun” for the last five minutes, “so I can brown the same time as the bacon,” she said.

The calendar said it was April 1, 1957, but they both knew it as their wedding day. Lurleen came in from outside and changed from her robe to a gown. She grabbed Earl’s hand, and smiled.

© Copyright 2016 Steven Craig. All rights reserved.
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Steven Craig has not achieved accolades of any kind at any time. Not even a participation trophy, as he does not participate.

Third Time Around by Sandra McGillivray Ortgies

“Hold it! The wedding’s off!” Craig Carson, the bride’s father, roared at the caterers.

Guests were notified to appear at the Carson’s lakeside cabin instead, for a picnic sans bride and groom.

They’d both been married before, Matthew twice. His mother, Madeleine, would’ve bet money on this time.

She heard a commotion and turned to see Matthew and Cynthia arriving, hand in hand.

Maybe I can get to them before Craig kills him, she thought.

“You didn’t expect this; neither did we. The familiar arrangements spooked us like a premonition. We’ll be in Mexico. No use wasting a great honeymoon.”

© Copyright 2016 Sandra McGillivray Ortgies. All rights reserved.
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Sandra McGillivray Ortgies lives on Whidbey Island, WA  and is a member of the Whidbey Writers Group. Her focus is on travel articles, short stories, and poetry.